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If you’re wondering about foods to improve your workout performance then you’re looking in the right place. We all want to perform at our best when we’re exercising and we all want something that’s going to give us the energy we need whilst fueling us with the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Our body is a temple after all. Well, except for the weekend when it turns into a trendy little wine bar! Here are my favorite foods to improve your workout.


Raisins are a great pre-work out snack and will give you the energy you need in a natural and healthy way. These sweet treats have the same effect as sports gels but taste much better and have no artificial additives or unnatural nasties. Full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, eat a quarter of a cup of raisins and you’re good to go. This is one of…

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Elite Daily – 20 Easy Healthy Living Tips That Won’t Leave You Hating Life


Elite Daily – 20 Easy Healthy Living Tips That Won’t Leave You Hating Life

Easy tips to stay on track of your nutrition/fitness goals.

Breakfast yoghurt and berry delight

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Image Summer in a glass

As the days start to shorten, this means Summer will soon be over. In a few months as I stare at my bowl of cooked oats, I will start to pine for a fresh and fruity treat like this. To be honest, I eat this for lunch too. I love the contrast of crunchy light cereal with creamy yoghurt and the tart and sweet fruits.

This is hardly a recipe, but the red, blue and white made it look so pretty I wanted to write about it. Summer means berries to me, but there are endless combinations.

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5 Minute Definition: What Is Great Food?

Monday night, 8 hours before the deadline of a lengthly assignment for my college. The semester is in full swing. I’m still in “workaholic” mode as I take my study break, so I decide to use my time well. I’m limiting myself to 5 minutes for this entry… Timer on, let’s go. 

I’ll define what good food means as efficiently as I can in these few minutes. It seems strange to try to put into words what is usually obvious with one simple bite. Great food never needs much thought – we just taste it and know.

Great food is almost always subjective – it changes across every single cuisine, culture and type of meal. Some like it spicy, some like it tasting like the fresh veggies picked from our grandparents garden in the old country. Whatever the case, great food will always have the same thing in common: the feeling we have after enjoying every mouthful. 

Fresh, flavourful, fasntastic – what we eat is more than just a daily requirement; its an experience. You’ll never remember that mediocre salad you had last Tuesday, but you’ll surely remember that succulent pear tasted on an adventure in a faraway city. 

If this is the case, I encourage everyone to stop eating for the sake of it. Embrace every taste of what you eat. Make each meal memorable, cook with abandon and shop for the best quality ingredients. Your lives deserve more than the ordinary.