30 Minute Preparation – Infinite Enjoyment: Fresh, Homemade Tomato Sauce

In the spirit of valentines day, a yummy last minute recipe you can whip up in half an hour.
Romantic edition: served with red wine and candle light
Singles edition: ultimate comfort food (carbs – we hate to love them)
Here’s my homemade fresh tomao sauce.

To treat your taste buds to this excellence, you will need:

– 5-6 fresh tomatoes -basil, oregano, thyme and any other fresh herb you adore, in desired quantities
– chili pepper flakes (if you dare)
– one green pepper
– a small spoonful of tomato paste -pasta of your choice
– rigatoni is what I prefer with this dish
– cheese grater
– one large onion
– garlic as desired
– about half a cup of olive oil
– Love *too cheesy? sorry, please keep reading
You’ll also need one cheese grater, to grate the tomatoes (grandma’s trick)


– cut tomatoes in half. Grate them into large bowl
– this is to add a light texture to the sauce.
– dice green peppers, garlic and onions

In a large sauce pan, soften onions along with olive oil. Low heat. Add garlic. After a few minutes, add the green peppers as well. Once soft, add the tomatoes. Gradually add in desired herbs, chili and the tomato paste. I never add salt because the tomato paste I use has salt, and my daily intake of salt can sometimes be higher because of my Greek household’s obsession with feta cheese. However, if you don’t eat ridiculous amounts of feta cheese in your week and love salt, then, by all means, go ahead and salt away. I usually leave this sauce to simmer in its flavorful awesomeness for 25 minutes, on low heat. The result is a light sauce, perfect for an easy going meal or summer’s day feast. And it’s pretty healthy, too! Cook your favorite pasta based on your taste. Dare to go whole wheat the taste of whole wheat pasta isn’t nearly as bad as its rep, trust me. Don’t forget to enjoy this meal with loved ones family, friends, that special someone, kids, even pets!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, The L’Aristo Team


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